Software Development

  • Develop a software product
  • Develop a website
  • Develop a corporate portal
  • Create an automation system

Do you have a need or an idea? We will help bring it to life!

We offer a comprehensive approach to software development according to your requirements. In our work we use the most modern development technologies. We easily adapt to rapidly changing needs and have flexible approaches to the implementation of projects of any scale.

We have already developed more than 100 major projects, and this is just the beginning...

Mobile Development

  • Develop Mobile Application
  • Expand functionality or update an existing application
  • Create a mobile application for various platforms (Android, iOS)

Need a modern mobile app? Contact White Frame!

We have serious experience in creating mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. An integrated approach allows us to create applications from the idea and design to placing it in marketplaces and attracting traffic.

Game Development

  • Develop a mobile or computer game
  • Create an idea for a successful game
  • Develop an existing gaming platform
  • Provide an update and redesign a game

Are you thinking about creating your own game? We know everything about games!

The experience of our gaming experts allows you to create exciting game plots in a short time. Game designers adapt the interface for a comfortable game. Architects and programmers will create a product that will be easy to develop and scale. Experts in promotion will help your idea to be in the top positions of the best gaming marketplaces.

Our gaming products are used by more than 3 million people worldwide.

Business Digitalization

  • It is necessary to plan the digitalization of processes
  • You are creating a long-term digital development plan
  • Implement projects to solve problems
  • Calculating the cost of automating your business
  • Looking for new opportunities in the use of digital technologies

Do you think the costs of digitalization are always justified? If you turn to professionals, you can save a lot!

Many years of experience in implementing digital systems in commercial companies allows us to plan and predict the effect of digitalization with high accuracy. White Frame experts will help you make the right choice when identifying technologies, contractors and suppliers. Our plans are as accurate as possible, and the costs take into account all the small details.

More than 10 commercial customers are already implementing digitalization plans created in cooperation with White Frame.

Technical Support

  • It is necessary to provide technical support for existing software products
  • It is necessary to solve the issue with the stability of the programs
  • t is necessary to handle technical questions from users
  • It is necessary to update and update the modules and the core of the automated system

Is it difficult to maintain the functionality of software products? Give this work to the experts!

We know how to maintain and ensure the stability of complex software systems. The presence in our staff of technical specialists of different plans allows us to quickly dig into already developed software products. Advanced risk analysis will provide protection against production and business downtime.

More than 50 enterprises have entrusted White Frame with the support of their information systems.

Internet Marketing

  • It is necessary to ensure the popularity of a company or resource on the Internet
  • It is required to increase the flow of Internet resource users
  • It is necessary to launch an advertising campaign on the Internet

The cost of advertising does not bring effect? Perhaps you are missing something important!

We know a lot about Internet marketing and online advertising. It's not as easy as it might seem at first glance. White Frame experts will help you plan costs, form a media plan, and provide you with technological tools to attract traffic

Our portfolio includes more than 100 successful advertising campaigns.